Croatian Superyachts - Great Luxury for a Much Lower Price

Join us as we unveil how Croatia is redefining maritime luxury, offering unparalleled experiences without breaking the bank.

Experience the Next Level of Luxury in the Adriatic

In the wake of Covid, Croatian yachting has taken a leap forward, and Krilo, a port near Split, is at the forefront of offering unparalleled luxury yacht journeys. The pandemic prompted boat owners to innovate, transforming cramped ships with many cabins into spacious and luxurious yachts with fewer cabins, catering to the evolving needs of travelers.

Discover the Rebirth of Croatian Shipyards

Croatian shipyards have undergone a remarkable transformation, giving rise to globally renowned yachts and sailboats. The summer of 2024 presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to indulge in opulence at significantly lower prices compared to chartering yachts of similar luxury levels. This emerging trend on the Croatian coast promises an extraordinary maritime experience.

Unlock the Secrets of Exquisite Yachts

Our in-depth research has uncovered the crème de la crème of yachts that represent a true luxury. With our strong connections to owners and crews, we assure a personalized approach for every client. These yachts, rich in family history and captained by their devoted owners, reveal a unique narrative, making each journey a cherished experience.

Join us on a voyage where luxury meets affordability, and every yacht tells a captivating story.

Whether you're envisioning a tailor-made travel experience or picking on of our proposed itineraries we're here to make your dreams a reality.

Photo Credits: M/Y Love Story