Lagoon 40

Holidays in Harmony with the Sea

Catamaran Tailored for Intimate Adventures

A 40-foot catamaran with a perfect blend of elegance and performance is typically well-suited for smaller groups, couples, or families seeking a more intimate and manageable sailing experience.

The Lagoon 40 Advantage

  • More budget-friendly in terms of charter fees and other accompanying charter costs. 

  • Sail with Ease! This catamaran's smaller size makes it highly manageable and navigable, perfect for those less experienced in sailing and considering skippering the boat themselves instead of hiring a skipper.

Cabin layouts

Charter price per week from €2.700  

Our pricing structure is influenced by both the season and the construction year of the yacht. Newly built yachts may carry a higher price, while older yachts provide a more economical option.

Additionally, we frequently provide discounts and promotions for early bookings, multiple weeks, loyalty rewards, and last-minute deals.

For more details, please contact us at




from €3.500


from €4.100


from €7.300


from €6.990


from €3.500

October - April

from €2.700

Having acquainted yourself with the features and pricing details of the Lagoon 40, check out our suggested itineraries located at the end of this page.


Obligatory extras


*Comfort package

from €350

*Tourist tax per person per day


Obligatory extras 


Port, marina and anchorage fee

depends on route


depends on consumption

Food & beverage provisions

personal preference

At the start of the charter, allocate €1.000 for skipper and another €1.000 for the hostess/cook if having one. They'll manage expenses like food supplies and fees, keeping receipts. If more cash is needed, they'll inform you.

Expenses vary based on route and preferences. Review spending anytime; unused amounts will be refunded at the charter's end.

Crew - optional extras

Weekly rate

*Local Skipper (highly recommended)


Hostess/Cook (highly recommended)






Dog sitter


Yoga Instructor


Fitness Instructor


Special requests

subject to request


When hiring a hostess/cook, his or her responsibilities include maintaining the boat's cleanliness and preparing daily meals, usually breakfast and lunch.

Please ensure to provide food for the crew throughout the trip. Meal dynamics may vary; when not dining onboard, you may opt to invite the crew to dine with you at restaurants or allocate €35 per crew member per day.

Kindly note that crew gratuity is not part of the charter expense. It's customary, ranging between 10% to 20% of the total charter expense, based on your satisfaction.

Misc - optional extras


*Concierge Provisioning Service


Beach towels (set of 8) 

from €40

Child safety net

from €120

Dog on board

from €100

Early Check In

from €120

One way Dubrovnik


Watertoys - Optional extras


Snorkelling set 

from €15

Stand Up Paddle

from €100


from €150

E-foil Filterboard 22/24


Jetboard Awake 2023




Seascooter Scubajet XR


Seascooter Jobe


Sipa Board


Yamaha Aqua Cruise


Wing foil + 500 € deposit


Tiwal 2


Adrenaline package (waterski, wakeboard, donut)


Optional extras can be added based on availability, either during the booking process or at check-in.

Additional Information

Check-in/Check-out Times

Charters commence on Saturdays with check-in available after 5 pm, concluding the following Saturday by 8 or 9 am for check-out. Typically, charters require returning to the home port on Friday afternoon for a Saturday check-out. 

During the off-season, there's increased flexibility, allowing for charters of shorter durations, less than the standard 7-day period.

Charter Fees Includes

The charter fee encompasses the use of vessels and equipment in accordance with the current price list, along with bed linen, gas, autopilot, GPS, standard services offered at the Charter base during check-in and check-out, mooring fees in the home port, and wireless internet access.

Catamaran Comfort Package

This package comprises final cleaning services, an outboard engine, WIFI, bed linens, 1 large (70x130 cm) and 1 medium-sized (50x90 cm) towel per person, 1 soap per toilet, gas supply, dish detergent, and kitchen sponges—all designed to enhance your comfort and convenience throughout your journey.

Tourist Tax

This is a tax that is mandatory to all visitors to the country and paid to the Croatian Tourist Board. Tourist tax is to be paid on arrival upon confirmation of the crew list in cash.

Concierge Provisioning Service

We're pleased to assist charter guests with shopping for their supplies and delivering them directly to the boat. For a fee of €150 plus the cost of the intended items, we'll handle the entire process, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery onboard. The total expense will vary based on their shopping list. This service streamlines the experience, letting guests focus on their charter while we take care of provisioning.

Boat Licence

In case of a bareboat charter, according to Maritime Law, when operating boats in Croatian waters you will need boating and VHF radio licenses. Croatian licenses are accepted, and several international sailing certificates are also recognized. Here you can check the entire list of valid boating certificates. You are obligated to send a copy of valid navigation license and VHF certificate when confirming reservation. 

If you or any of your crew members lack the necessary certificates, we are here to assist. Simply add a skipper as an optional extra to your booking, and we'll arrange a qualified skipper for you.

Crew List

To ensure smooth check in, we kindly request the crew list to be submitted at least 7 days before the charter begins. Additionally, clients arriving by plane are encouraged to provide an approximate arrival time and flight number. This information helps our Charter Company facilitate a more efficient check-in process.

Security Deposit

The security deposit varies according to the size and value of the vessel and has purpose of covering any damages which may occur during your stay. This means that any damage you cause, you are responsible for, only to the amount of security deposit. Upon the safe return of the yacht the deposit is returned in full to you. The refundable amount is payable at the base either in cash or by credit card before the charter commences.

Booking Process

Once you send an inquiry, we reply as soon as possible with a booking confirmation. In order to secure your booking, a bank transfer of 50% of the charter price is required within 7 days after booking, 50% is due six weeks before embarking.

The client can take over the reserved vessel only under the condition that the entire amount of the reservation has been paid. If the Client fails to make the 50% advance payment to the scheduled date, upon sending dunning letter, the Charter Company shall be entitled to cancel the booking.

By making the payment, the Client agrees to these General terms and Conditions for Onboard Accommodation Service and vessel features.


Cancellation policies vary based on the specific boat booked, and during the inquiry process, we will provide detailed information regarding this. You can cancel the booking post-confirmation by sending an email. Please note that changes or cancellations made via telephone are not permitted and will not be accepted.

Explore Croatia

Departure Ports

Lagoon 40 provides departure options from four different locations.

We work closely with you, discussing your preferences, to help find the departure port that best suits your needs. Our goal is to ensure a convenient and fitting starting point for your journey.

Your Voyage, Your Way

With our flexible itineraries, you're free to chart your own course or follow our curated paths. Continuously adding new routes across captivating destinations to inspire you, once you've discovered the experiences that resonate most, we'll craft a bespoke luxury travel plan tailored just for you.

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