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Tristan Le Brun

An Award-winning Superyacht Owner Representative and Captain based in The Netherlands

His unmatched expertise in the luxury yacht segment ensures a tailored experience for those seeking well-appointed yachts or wishing to undertake refits or new builds.

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Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

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With a focus on technical excellence, commitment to perfection, and meticulous attention to detail, Tristan collaborates closely with owners, shipyards, and craftsmen to turn your vision of luxury and yacht concepts into realities.

Press Coverage

Tristan's Success with the Feadship Istros Project

Feadship Istros

The standout winner, the 42-meter Feadship Istros, meticulously transformed under Tristan's helm, seamlessly blends the charm of a bygone era with state-of-the-art, eco-friendly superyacht technology. This ambitious overhaul of the 1954 vessel represents a compelling example of sustainable design, as underscored by the WSA judges.

Istros, abandoned since 2001, underwent a bold transformation initiated by its owner and Tristan. They made the daring choice to completely dismantle the deteriorated steel superstructure and strip the vessel down to its bare hull for a complete rebuild. Despite the higher cost compared to constructing a new vessel, this decision was driven by the belief in preserving Istros' original identity.

The judging panel also lauded the remarkable achievement of crafting a new aluminium superstructure and replacing the vessel's interior and machinery within an astonishing eleven-month period.

This remarkably short duration was made possible through six months of meticulous pre-planning prior to Istros' arrival, noted the judges.

Today, Istros offers guests the ambiance of a 1950s yacht, showcasing timeless aesthetics and elegant lines from the past, while harboring a modern core that guarantees the reliable operation of all machinery and cutting-edge technology on board.