A Conversation with Toni, Captain and Owner of Lady Gita

Setting Sail with Toni: The Journey Behind Lady Gita

This exclusive conversation with Toni, the captain and owner of Lady Gita, provides a glimpse into the world of luxury yachting along the Croatian coast.

Step aboard the Lady Gita and set sail into a world meticulously crafted by Toni, a captain and owner with an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a keen eye for detail, Toni has curated one of the Adriatic's most distinguished yachts, handpicking a crew that mirrors his high standards. Fluent in English and a master organizer, Toni's professionalism is matched only by his dedication to ensuring unparalleled comfort for every guest.

Beyond the captain's quarters lies a man of depth and diverse passions. Toni's heart belongs to his daughter, Gita, the inspiration behind the yacht's name. When he's not charting courses across the sea, his lens captures moments through photography, his spirit soars with rock music, and he finds solace within the pages of "One Hundred Years of Solitude." His cinematic fondness rests with "As Good as It Gets."

Let these insights into Toni's life provide a glimpse into the man behind the helm—an engaging conversationalist ready to weave tales, share laughter, and ensure an unforgettable voyage aboard the Lady Gita.

We enjoyed our interview with Toni. We hope you will too. 

Toni Kovic

The Call of the Sea

Could you share a bit about your background and seafaring experience?

"Born by the sea with a father who was a seafarer, the allure of the ocean was inescapable for me. Following my graduation from the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split, I embarked on a maritime career spanning over 15 years. My tenure with Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises granted me invaluable international sailing experience. 

In 2006, I acquired the 90ft gulet Linda and navigated its waters for over a decade. However, I envisioned something grander—a luxurious yacht that offered a higher level of comfort and sophistication."

Where You Belong

What sets Lady Gita apart from other charter yachts? And especially in Croatia?

"The best crew and best service in these waters. In 2024 out of 9 booked chartres, 8 are repeat clients. That says a lot. Crew hasn't change for 5 years. Good vibes and good energy on the yacht. As I said, without any doubt, the best service in these waters."

How do you and your crew ensure a memorable and personalized experience for guests?

"Our slogan is "where You belong" and we make sure people really feel that way. Home away from home. One French client in 2024 is coming for the 6th year in the row to charter Lady Gita. That is very rare in the yacht this price range."

Exploring the Croatian Coast

Can you highlight any favorite destinations or itineraries that stand out along the Croatian coast? And why?

Island of Vis would be my answer. Maybe because it was closed for visitors and tourism until 1990 and therefore kept its charm and personality along with its natural beauties.


Expectations Onboard Lady Gita  

What can guests expect when chartering Lady Gita for their voyage?

"Guests can anticipate a five-star hotel experience, exquisite dining, an America's Cup alike sailing adventure, and a glimpse of one of the planet's finest coastlines."

How do you incorporate local culture and experiences into your charters?

"On board you will get familiar with our local food with local ingredients, and ashore with local experienced guides and advices."

Can you share a memorable or unique experience you've facilitated for guests aboard Lady Gita?

"Dinners on the beaches, rocks with beautiful sunsets (will send you pics)."

In your opinion, what makes a yacht charter experience truly exceptional for guests?

"It has to be personal and very professional at the same time. And the again, the most important thing on any yacht is their crew. Some yachts are better than the other, but crew and the service makes the difference.

"What advice would you give to someone considering a luxury yacht charter for the first time? And why do you think they should book Lady Gita?

"Book her once, you will come back for more."

Our Take Out

With a commitment to service, personalized experiences, and a deep love for the sea, Lady Gita promises an unforgettable voyage for those seeking the ultimate in maritime luxury.

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