Lady Gita

Step into a World of Tranquil Elegance

Lady Gita delivers exceptional luxury with outstanding value.

Lady Gita's crew, a part of her journey from day one, brings consistency, familiarity, and impeccable service. With one of the highest rates of returning guests, we're thrilled to open bookings for 2024!

Warning: You'll likely want to come back for more.

Lady Gita




49 m  (162' ft)


Split area





Exceptional Luxury, Incredible Value

Whether you're a family, a group of friends, or a couple looking for a sophisticated getaway, Lady Gita yacht offers a beautiful retreat on the water.

Seaside Serenity

Picture yourself relaxing on the huge sun deck, sharing joyful moments in the jacuzzi with loved ones, or plunging into the roomy swimming platform—an ideal spot to enjoy the sea.

Key Features

Lady Gita harmoniously combines luxury and comfort, catering to a diverse groups, from couples seeking romance to families, friends, luxury travelers, and those desiring both adventure and relaxation.


  • Tender: 6m, 130HP2

  • WaveRunner x 2

  • Water skis (adults &kids)

  • Fliteboard

  • Wakeboard

  • Seabob x 2

  • Electric surfboard

  • SUP board x 3

  • Single-seat kayak x 2

  • Ringo

  • Snorkeling gear

Who Will Love Chartering Lady Gita?

  • Romantic Couples Looking for the Ultimate Romantic Getaway: Lady Gita offers an elegant and intimate setting, perfect for couples. Cozy cabins and serene outdoor spaces create cherished moments.

  • Families Seeking Quality Time Together: Spacious and comfortable accommodations, along with water toys and a dedicated crew, make Lady Gita a fantastic choice for families seeking quality time.

  • Groups of Friends: Ideal for celebrations or group vacations, Lady Gita provides impressive outdoor spaces and entertainment options, ensuring unforgettable group experiences.

  • Luxury Travel Enthusiasts: For those who appreciate luxury, this yacht boasts high-end amenities, elegant design, and a professional crew to cater to discerning tastes.

  • For Corporate Gatherings, Team-building Activities, or Executive Meetings Perfect for executive meetings or team-building activities, Lady Gita offers sophisticated indoor and outdoor spaces and attentive service.

  • Adventure Seekers: Explore the Adriatic Sea with an array of water toys, from Jet Skis to snorkeling equipment, catering to those seeking exciting adventures.

  • Nature and Relaxation Enthusiasts: Enjoy spacious outdoor lounging areas and a sun deck with a jacuzzi, providing a serene space amid the stunning Adriatic scenery.

A Conversation with Toni, Captain and Owner of Lady Gita

Embark on an exclusive journey with Toni, the captain and owner of Lady Gita, as he opens the doors to the world of luxury yachting along the stunning Croatian coast.

Onboard the meticulously crafted Lady Gita, Toni's unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every detail. Fluent in English and a master organizer, his professionalism is matched only by his dedication to ensuring unparalleled comfort for every guest.

Lady Gita

Charter Rates

FROM €85.000 + 13% VAT + 30% APA


Price per week (ex VAT & ex APA)

July & August


June & September


Off season


Charter Fee Includes:

  • Hire and insurance of the yacht

  • Crew wages and crew food

  • Fuel for 4 hours of engine use daily

  • 24/7 generator usage

  • Tender transfers and tender-operated watersports (donut, waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard)

  • Access to recreational and watersports equipment

  • Wi-Fi access

All other expenses are an additional expense to the charterer. The additional expenses during a charter are paid for by the ‘Advanced Provisioning Allowance’, known as the ‘APA’.


The APA comprises 30% of the Charter Fee. The APA is transferred to the boat before the charter starts, so the crew can provision according to your specific requirements before you embark.

This allowance covers various costs including, but not limited to, food and beverages for the Charter Party, port fees, national park entrances, fuel for Personal Watercraft, shipping agents’ fees, custom fees, charter licenses (if cruising in Montenegro or Italy), and other requested services like hiring special equipment, shoreside transport, and excursions during the charter. 

Throughout the charter, the captain diligently maintains records of expenses. At the end of the charter, the Captain will present you with a fully itemised statement of the APA account, with receipts. If the account is in credit, the balance will of course be returned to you. If it is in debit, the balance must be settled in cash or, with the Captain’s agreement, by wire transfer.


VAT is due in the country where the charter starts.







*If a charter starts in Montenegro (which is not an EU country) then cruises into Croatian Waters, Croatian VAT is payable at 13% for each day the yacht is in Croatia.

Delivery Fee

If your charter begins away from the yacht's home port, an Owner may apply a delivery fee. This fee accounts for the fuel and, at times, the time invested in relocating the yacht to and from its home port to the start location of your charter. We strive to recommend yachts within your desired area to avoid these fees. In cases where they are unavoidable, we negotiate on your behalf to minimize these costs.

Lady Gita typically departs from Split in Croatia, occasionally accommodating departures from Dubrovnik if the preceding charter involved a one-way trip to Dubrovnik.

Crew Gratuity

Notably, tips are not included in the charter price. They are a voluntary gesture of appreciation for the service. Typically ranging from 10% to 20% of the charter price, tips are given at your discretion and paid to the captain at the charter's conclusion. The captain then evenly distributes these gratuities among the crew.

Licences and Restrictions

Personal Watercraft

In most countries, a license is required to operate personal watercraft (waverunner, jetski or other mechanically propelled watercraft) to comply with insurance and legal criteria. There may also be a minimum age requirement – rules vary between countries. It is your responsibility to ensure that any guests wishing to use the personal watercraft have an appropriate license.

Read our Practical Guide to Jet Ski Adventures on Your Yacht Charter.

Your Voyage, Your Way

With our flexible itineraries, you're free to chart your own course or follow our curated paths. Continuously adding new routes across captivating destinations to inspire you, once you've discovered the experiences that resonate most, we'll craft a bespoke luxury travel plan tailored just for you.

Get in Touch

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Our expert team is here to assist you, answer your inquiries, and help you plan an experience that's beyond compare.

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