Sailing in Style: Exploring the Unmatched Luxury of BOLD with Captain Paul

Captain Paul Unveils BOLD's Allure

Embark on a journey of luxury and exclusivity as we sit down for an intimate interview with Captain Paul, a person behind the helm of BOLD.

In this exclusive conversation, Captain Paul unveils the distinctive features and unparalleled aspects that set BOLD apart in the world of luxury yachting. From the sophisticated 300 sqm interior to the expansive 400 sqm aft deck, BOLD's seamless fusion of sophistication and adventure is showcased.

Paul provides a vivid portrayal of BOLD's excellence, highlighting its claim as the world's longest all-aluminum yacht. With a remarkable top speed of 23 knots and an impressive cruising range of 5,500 nautical miles, BOLD harmoniously blends speed, efficiency, and versatility, promising an extraordinary experience for those in pursuit of the epitome of luxury.

Paul's journey began in the world of competitive sailing, where he proudly represented New Zealand as a skipper at the World Championships. Following his graduation with a Bachelor of Business & Psychology degree, he ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing a highly successful sailing academy which led him to consulting and coaching at a similar academy in Boston, USA.

In 2009, Paul joined the superyacht industry and has worked on many 90m+ yachts whilst circumnavigating the globe, ice-navigating in polar regions and exploring the untouched islands of the Pacific Ocean offering him a unique and awe-inspiring perspective on the world.

Enjoy the full interview below and discover the allure that defines BOLD's unparalleled presence in the realm of luxury yachting.

Captain Paul Verry

Paul, can you provide us with an overview of BOLD's key features and what makes her unique among other yachts in her class?

"BOLD stands out in its class as the world's longest all-aluminum yacht, showcasing remarkable engineering and earning recognition as one of the fastest and most fuel-efficient yachts ever crafted.

Beyond its technical achievements, BOLD's unique design, reminiscent of a Range Rover Sport pickup truck, blends functionality with elegance, setting it apart in the yachting world.

A symbol of innovation and luxury excellence, BOLD's unmatched combination of length, speed, efficiency, and design makes it an iconic vessel, offering an extraordinary journey for those fortunate enough to come aboard."

For a comprehensive list of BOLD's features, check here.

Can you share any notable features of BOLD's interior and exterior design that enhance the charter experience?

"The interior design of BOLD unfolds as a captivating 300 square meters loft, meticulously crafted to evoke the ambiance of a sophisticated New York loft apartment. This innovative approach creates a sense of unity, seamlessly bringing everyone together within a modern, open-plan space adorned with full-height windows."

"The intentional design invites natural light to permeate the interior, enhancing the overall sense of openness and connection with the surroundings."

"A particularly striking aspect is the pronounced contrast between the interior's refined spaces and the utilitarian exterior areas, a spectacle that becomes especially apparent when viewed from the winter garden."

"Adding to the allure of BOLD's exterior is the expansive aft deck, unveiling a sprawling 400 square meters of versatile open space. This remarkable area is uniquely capable of accommodating large tenders, sailboats, cars, or even submarines—a versatility that distinguishes BOLD from most yachts in her class.

The integration of this feature amplifies the charter experience, offering unparalleled possibilities for exploration and recreation."

"For those seeking entertainment and leisure options, the heli hangar stands out as a multifunctional space. Boasting a full-wall LED screen and an impressive sound system, this area transforms seamlessly into a private cinema, a vibrant discotheque, or a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor gym."

"This adaptability ensures that guests aboard BOLD have access to an array of recreational choices, catering to diverse preferences and enhancing the overall enjoyment of their charter experience.

BOLD's interior and exterior design are masterfully curated to provide a harmonious blend of sophistication, versatility, and entertainment, elevating the charter experience to new heights and ensuring that every moment on board is a memorable and enriching one."

Given BOLD's impressive top speed and cruising range, how does this performance contribute to the charter experience, especially in the Maldives?

"The heightened performance of BOLD translates into an expanded horizon of possibilities, allowing charter guests to curate an experience tailored to their preferences and desires. 

The impressive top speed of BOLD not only ensures swift and efficient travel but also opens up a myriad of destinations for guests to wake up to each morning. This means that the Maldives, with its array of picturesque atolls and serene landscapes, becomes a canvas for an ever-changing and personalized itinerary.

Guests have the flexibility to explore new and captivating locations daily, amplifying the sense of discovery and adventure that defines a luxury charter experience."

"Moreover, BOLD's performance empowers guests with the option to visit multiple destinations within a single day. This unparalleled flexibility is a unique facet of BOLD's charter offering, allowing guests to maximize their time and experience the diversity of the Maldives in a way that suits their preferences.

In essence, the speed of BOLD translates into a liberating sense of freedom of choice for charter guests. Whether it's waking up to a new and breathtaking destination each morning or embarking on a multi-destination journey within a day, BOLD's performance enhances the charter experience by providing an unprecedented level of customization and exploration."


How does the crew, consisting of 24 members, enhance the overall guest experience during a charter?

"The crew's diversity is not merely a demographic characteristic but a rich tapestry of talents and specialties. From providing professional watersports instruction to capturing the essence of the journey through photography and videography, offering personal training services, to ensuring an exquisite culinary and service experience, each member is a vital thread in the fabric of BOLD's success. This multifaceted approach guarantees that guests receive a holistic and enriching experience, tailored to their preferences and desires."

How do you ensure a harmonious working environment among the crew onboard BOLD, and how does this positively impact the guest experience?  

"Creating a harmonious working environment on BOLD, with its 24-member crew, involves fostering positive interpersonal dynamics, effective communication, and a shared commitment to excellence. Maintaining this culture is an ongoing process marked by consistent efforts, acknowledging individual and collective achievements.

The crew's dedication to excellence permeates their responsibilities, enhancing guest interactions and meticulous vessel care. This harmonious working environment significantly impacts the guest experience, fostering a seamless collaboration among the crew.

Guests appreciate the evident camaraderie, contributing to an atmosphere of professionalism, warmth, and efficiency that enhances overall satisfaction during the charter experience."

Are there any special events or activities organized by the crew to create memorable moments for guests?  

"Onboard BOLD, the crew is dedicated to organizing a diverse array of special events and activities. Our commitment to providing a truly bespoke service means that the possibilities are virtually limitless – if you can imagine it, we can make it happen."

"The expansive open aft deck serves as a versatile canvas for creating unique moments. Paired with our state-of-the-art LED wall and an extensive audiovisual system, this space transforms to suit the theme and mood of any event. Whether it's an intimate gathering, a lively celebration, or a serene soiree, our crew is adept at curating the perfect ambiance for any occasion."

"The utilitarian tenders in our fleet add an extra dimension to our offerings. These adaptable vessels not only facilitate seamless transfers for off-vessel excursions but also open up possibilities for exploring diverse locations and organizing water-based activities.

This flexibility ensures that our guests can enjoy a wide range of experiences tailored to their preferences. In essence, our crew is well-equipped to turn your vision into a reality.

We take pride in our ability to create tailor-made experiences that go beyond expectations. If there are specific ideas or preferences you have in mind, we invite you to share them, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that every moment aboard BOLD is not just special but uniquely yours."

How does the crew, and specifically the captain, ensure the privacy and security of guests while on board BOLD?

"Privacy and security are consistently at the forefront of our decision-making processes. Every aspect of the guest experience, from selecting destinations and anchorages to choosing restaurants, beaches, and tender collection points, is meticulously curated with a keen eye on safeguarding the privacy of our guests. This thoughtful approach is not just a protocol but a principle that guides our actions, reflecting our dedication to providing an environment where guests can feel completely secure and at ease.

Drawing on extensive experience in working with discerning clientele, we employ a nuanced understanding of the unique requirements and expectations associated with privacy and security. This understanding informs not only the operational aspects of the journey but also influences the strategic choices made, ensuring that every location and activity aligns seamlessly with the goal of providing a private and secure experience.

Our commitment to guest privacy and security goes beyond mere protocols; it is an integral part of the ethos that defines BOLD. Myself and the entire crew are dedicated to creating an atmosphere where guests can relax, unwind, and enjoy their time on board with the utmost confidence in their safety and privacy."

What key principles guide your decisions and interactions with both the crew and guests?

"At the core of my approach is a commitment to pragmatism in decision-making. I believe in considering practicality and real-world implications when faced with choices, ensuring that decisions align with the best interests of both the crew and our esteemed guests. This pragmatic mindset contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. 

Personability is another cornerstone of my leadership style. I strive to maintain a warm and approachable demeanor with both the crew and guests. Building genuine connections and fostering open communication are fundamental to creating a positive and inclusive environment aboard BOLD. This personable approach extends to understanding the unique needs and preferences of our guests, ensuring that their holiday experience is not only seamless but also personalized. 

While maintaining a high level of professionalism is non-negotiable, I am cognizant that, above all, this is your holiday. Creating an atmosphere that is not only professional but also warm, fun, and friendly is paramount. This philosophy shapes the culture aboard BOLD, where the emphasis is on ensuring that every guest feels at ease and thoroughly enjoys their time on board. 

Remaining calm and relaxed is a key aspect of my leadership style, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility that permeates the entire crew. This calm demeanor is complemented by a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that operational accuracy is upheld. This commitment to precision and thoroughness is a culture that permeates the crew, contributing to a seamlessly orchestrated and enjoyable experience for our guests. 

In summary, my leadership style is characterized by pragmatism, personability, professionalism, and a keen focus on creating an atmosphere that aligns with the spirit of a warm, fun, and friendly holiday environment. These principles collectively contribute to the overall success of the operation and the satisfaction of everyone aboard BOLD."

Chartering BOLD in the Maldives

BOLD is ready to make your Christmas & NYE unforgettable in the Maldives 2023 and next summer 2024 in the Mediterranean.  

What aspects of BOLD make her particularly well-suited for chartering in the Maldives during the Christmas and New Year period?

"BOLD's suitability for chartering in the Maldives during the festive Christmas and New Year period is underscored by several key aspects, notably the my extensive experience in orchestrating charters during this special time of the year. 

I bring a wealth of knowledge derived from many years of successfully chartering in the Maldives during the Christmas and New Year season. This experience is invaluable in understanding the unique dynamics and intricacies associated with this period, allowing for the crafting of an itinerary that resonates with the spirit of the season."

"Familiarity with the Maldivian landscape, culture, and seasonal nuances enables me to make informed decisions on choosing idyllic destinations, pristine anchorages, and exclusive locales that align seamlessly with the desires of guests during the festive season. This local understanding contributes to an enriched and authentic experience, ensuring that guests aboard BOLD can enjoy the holiday spirit against the backdrop of one of the most breathtaking locations on the planet."

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