Charting a Bold Course: Elevate Your Yacht Charter Experience

Launched in 2019 by Silver Yachts, the Fastest Explorer Yacht on the Market

With its unparalleled speed and exploration capabilities, BOLD is an ideal choice for charterers seeking a luxurious and adventurous yachting experience.

Perfect for those who value efficient travel, global exploration, and versatile adventures.





85.3 m  (279.8 ft)


23 knots







Key Features

Yacht BOLD boasts several key features that set her apart in the world of luxury yachting:

Length and Speed

BOLD holds the title as the world's longest all-aluminum yacht, offering unparalleled elegance and presence. With a top speed of 23 knots and a continuous cruising speed of 17 Knots, it combines speed and efficiency, making for an extraordinary yachting experience.

Cruising Range

With a cruising range of 5,500 nautical miles, BOLD provides versatility for extended journeys, ensuring you can explore diverse destinations with ease.

Distinctive Design by Espen Øino

The yacht's design, reminiscent of a Range Rover Sport pickup truck, blends functionality with elegance, creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic in the yachting world.

Expansive Interior

Spanning 300 square meters, the beautiful interior design evokes the ambiance of a sophisticated New York loft apartment.

Bathed in natural light from full-height windows, the open-plan space fosters a sense of unity, connecting guests with the surrounding beauty.

Versatile Aft Deck

Covering 400 square meters, the expansive aft deck showcases BOLD's versatility. It can accommodate large tenders, sailboats, cars, or even submarines, amplifying the charter experience and offering unparalleled possibilities for exploration and recreation.

Multifunctional Heli Hangar

For entertainment and leisure, the heli hangar transforms into a multifunctional space. It features a full-wall LED screen and an impressive sound system, seamlessly converting into a private cinema, a lively discotheque, or a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor gym.

Privacy & Security

Every aspect of the guest experience is curated with privacy in mind. The captain, drawing on extensive experience, ensures that strategic choices align seamlessly with the goal of providing a private and secure experience.

Experienced Crew

BOLD's crew, consisting of 24 members, is diverse and skilled, offering professional services ranging from watersports instruction to photography and videography, personal training, and culinary expertise.

The crew's dedication ensures a holistic and enriching experience for guests.


Why You Should Charter BOLD?

  • For Quality Family Time: Spacious and comfortable accommodations, water toys, and a dedicated crew make BOLD the perfect choice for families seeking quality time together.

  • For Group Celebrations: Ideal for celebrations or group vacations, BOLD provides impressive outdoor spaces and entertainment options, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.

  • For Adventure Enthusiasts: Explore the world with an array of water toys catering to those seeking exciting and adventurous experiences.

  • For Luxury Connoisseurs: Boasting high-end amenities, elegant design, and a professional crew, BOLD caters to the discerning tastes of luxury travel enthusiasts.

  • For Relaxation Lovers: Enjoy spacious outdoor lounging areas, providing a serene escape amid the stunning scenery.

Christmas & NYE in the Maldives

Yacht Bold is available for Christmas & NYE charter in the Maldives or for bookings for the summer season 2024 in the Mediterranean.

WEEKLY CHARTER RATE: from €875.000

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