Sail with Birgit

A Transformational Journey for Thriving Relationships

Discover the Uncharted Waters of Your Relationships

Are you feeling adrift in the sea of relationships? Do you yearn for a deeper connection with yourself and your loved ones?

Set sail with us on a transformative 7-day sailing retreat in the breathtaking Adriatic Sea, Croatia. Our exclusive journey is designed to rejuvenate your soul, strengthen your bonds, and guide you towards a harmonious life.

Meet Your Coach - Birgit Pestalozzi

A certified relationship coach whose vision is as vast as the open sea. Grounded in practicality and compassion, Birgit has dedicated herself to helping countless individuals thrive both personally and professionally.

With a profound passion for navigating the complexities of relationships, Birgit is more than a coach—she's your guide and mentor, ready to join you on your boat and sail into a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection.

What’s in It for You?

Reignite the spark in your relationships and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. Join us in Croatia for a transformative experience that promises not just a vacation, but a renewal of the soul.

Renewed Perspective

Gain insights into your own patterns and behaviors in relationships.

Develop a greater understanding of your emotions and those of others.

Enhanced Communication

Learn and practice effective communication skills to deepen your connections.

Articulate your thoughts and feelings more clearly, reducing misunderstandings.

Conflict Resolution

Learn tools to navigate disagreements and foster mutual understanding.

Turn conflicts into opportunities for strengthening relationships, rather than damaging them.

Trip Highlights

Embark on a transformative sailing journey along the Croatian coast, featuring personalized coaching, breathtaking locations, and the unique exploration of thriving relationships at sea. This retreat promises not only the beauty of Croatia but also enduring skills to enrich your life and relationships.


This Journey is Right for You If...

  • You Desire Deeper Connections: You're seeking more than just surface-level interactions and yearn for profound, meaningful relationships.

  • You're Open to Self-Exploration: You recognize that understanding yourself is the first step towards improving your relationships.

  • You Value Communication: You're eager to learn and apply effective communication skills to enhance your interactions with others.

  • You're Ready for Emotional Growth: You're open to exploring and managing your emotions for healthier, more resilient bonds.

  • You Seek Harmony in Conflict: You want to acquire and practice conflict resolution skills to bring peace and understanding to your relationships.

  • You're a Lifelong Learner: You're always looking for opportunities to grow, learn, and evolve as an individual and in your relationships.

  • You Appreciate Nature's Healing Powers: You believe in the restorative power of nature and are excited to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Croatian coast.

  • You Enjoy Unique Experiences: You're looking for an extraordinary adventure that combines luxury, learning, and personal growth.

If you see yourself in these statements, our transformational sailing retreat in Croatia is the perfect journey for you. It’s more than a getaway; it’s a path to rediscovering yourself and transforming your relationships.

Suggested Yachts

Explore the journey aboard some of our suggested yachts, such as Lady Gita, Love Story, and Lagoon 55, each offering a unique and luxurious sailing experience to enhance your transformative adventure. With a fleet diverse enough to fit every budget and taste, we guarantee the perfect yacht for your unforgettable adventure.

A 49 m luxury yacht offering relaxation on the sun deck, meaningful moments in the jacuzzi, and a spacious platform for personal reflection. Accommodating 12 guests with a dedicated crew of 9, it's the perfect vessel for a memorable and transformative experience.

A 43 m sailing vessel seamlessly blending luxury and comfort and featuring 6 beautiful cabins for up to 14 guests. Love Story is accompanied by a dedicated crew of 8, ensuring a luxuriously unforgettable experience during your journey in Croatia.

Set sail on our luxurious 55-foot catamaran, where the open aft cockpit seamlessly connects you to the sea. Inside, experience unparalleled comfort and serenity in a meticulously crafted space—a perfect retreat for an unforgettable journey of escape and rejuvenation.

This sailing trip offers the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and self-discovery.

Join Birgit Pestalozzi, a certified relationship coach, on a transformative 7-day journey to enhance your personal and professional connections. 

Note: This itinerary is a suggested framework and can be tailored to align with your specific preferences, interests, and goals.

Experience the magic for yourself